Chateau Grivière

Appellation : Medoc

For several centuries, Château Grivière and its beige stone walls have guarded the entry to the charming village of Blaignan, in the north of the Médoc. As a proud member of the Cru Bourgeois classification, our award-winning vintages are enjoyed in over 20 countries around the world. Our vines are planted on a mosaic of distinct soils of distinct natures: sandy, stony clay, soil stiing on beds of flush limestone, solid limestone and soft limestone. Each parcel delivers a different wine, and when we blend them as one, we are so fortunate to achieve the complexity and elegance that wine lovers seem to enjoy, all around the world.

Chateau Grivière

Appellation : Medoc

Depuis plusieurs siècles, le château Grivière et ses murs de pierre blonde gardent les portes du village de Blaignan. Château Grivière est le fruit d’un terroir unique qui offre généreusement authenticité et complexité. Un véritable respect envers les vignes et la terre, l’alliance de la modernité et du meilleur de la tradition, le patient travail d’élevage poussé à la perfection, permettent d’en sublimer les fruits.Nos vignes sont plantées sur une mosaïque de sols de natures distinctes : argile sableuse ou plus caillouteuse, sur calcaire plus ou moins affleurant, calcaire massif ou calcaire tendre. Autant de terroirs, autant de vins différents. C’est notamment de cette diversité singulière que provient la complexité et l’élégance de Château Grivière.

The owner's pitch.

“At Château Grivière, it’s not simply a marriage of soil and climate. It’s the gentle slopes offering themselves to the sun, the hare that leaps happily over the vines, the birds who nest in our trees, the bees who come to visit in search of wild flowers, and the sea of clouds that float past us in the early morning. It is our communion with these surroundings that allow us to compose our wines, embracing it all, and bottling it for others to love.”
Andrew Mc Innes

Focus on the Chateau.

Surface area

19 hectares

Wine types


Grape varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon

Open for tours

By appointment


At Château Grivière, the best tools are used to achieve excellence and the patient work of maturing in oak barrels gives the wine structure, aromas and complexity. After bottling, our wines mature for many more years, ten metres under the vineyard in a huge cellar called “the Cathedral”. The bottles of Château Grivière only come out of this cellar when they are fully matured, so that wine lovers all over the world can enjoy each bottle as we dreamed it would be.

Environmental protection

We have been committed to sustainable viticulture for over twenty years. We joined the Terra Vitis association of Bordeaux in its early years and obtained the Sustainable Agriculture certification in 2006, the Terra Vitis label since 2017 and the High Environmental Values (HEV) level 3 certification since 2019.


“We are only musicians playing to a loving audience, with mother nature the conductor, and our terroir being the composer producing a different arrangement year on year. There are vintages of chamber music and vintages of symphony music. We have an original score to play each year and our orchestra interprets it whilst respecting the work of the composer, and also contributing to create a style that can be associated uniquely to us.”

How to contact the Chateau.

Route de la Cardonne
33340 Blaignan

+33 5 56 73 31 51


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